Controls Enabled Lighting

Discover the benefits of lighting enabled with SensorSwitch™ controls.

Lighting enabled with SensorSwitch™ controls provide industry-leading solutions that aid in code compliance, increase energy savings, and simplify design and installation, thus reducing overall costs. Controls enabled lighting solutions provide the complete package needed for the application space, with flexibility to quickly update sensor settings as required by the project. Lighting control devices are embedded into or integrated onto the luminaire, creating an enabled fixture.

Embedded Controls
The controls device or sensor is designed within the light fixture.
Integrated Controls

The controls device or sensor is attached to the outside of the light fixture.

Embedded Controls

Controls enabled lighting solutions offer many benefits for everyone involved in a project. Explore additional benefits at the Trending Topics: Embedded Controls webpage.

Typicals: Controls Enabled Lighting Solutions

Utilize SensorSwitch controls to enable fixtures to illuminate any application space. Here are a few typical applications:

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Standalone Wired (Line Voltage)

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Wireless (JOT)

To view more SensorSwitch typicals, visit the Typicals page and filter the Brand to “SensorSwitch”!

SensorSwitch offers a wide variety of standalone wired and wireless controls. View the SensorSwitch Product Showcase below, or BROWSE ALL PRODUCTS

Acuity Brands Controls Enabled Lighting

View the Acuity Brands portfolio of lighting solutions enabled with SensorSwitch controls:

Embedded Controls Terminology