How Are You Going To Control Those Classroom Lights?

Choose SensorSwitch standalone wired or wireless lighting controls, to enable occupancy and dimming applications in classrooms. Designed for ease of installation, it’s performance you can count on for your classroom projects.

Typical diagram for wired classroom
Wired Controls Solutions

Designed For YOU!

  • Miswire protection
  • Push button programming
  • Easy configuration occupancy sensor products with VLP Mobile App
  • Neutral or neutral-less installation (wall switches)
  • Line voltage and low voltage options
Typical diagram for wireless classroom
Wireless Controls Solutions

Designed For YOU!

  • SensorSwitch Just One Touch pairs in seconds
  • No 0-10V dimming wires or communication wires needed
  • Fast installation
  • No mobile app required to install and pair the system out of the box
  • Unlock advanced configuration features with CLAIRITY+
  • Lithonia Lighting troffers with wireless embedded controls from SensorSwitch

SensorSwitch Go-to Lighting Controls For Classrooms